Interior Detail

Any rubbish removed.
Dashboards, trims and vinyl’s cleaned and dressed.
Whole car thoroughly vacuumed .
Interior windows cleaned.
Air Freshener scent applied to complete the detail.

Prices from £25.00
Pet hair removal extra cost.

Exterior Detail

Alloys, tyres & arch liners cleaned.

PH neutral snowfoam applied to the whole vehicle for best results.

Door shuts cleaned.

Exterior bodywork washed using the two bucket safe method.
Hydrophobic sealant applied.
Vehicle dried with a plush ultra soft microfiber drying towel for extra care of your paintwork.

Exterior windows cleaned.
Trims dressed .
Tyres dressed 

Prices from £30.00


Interior & Exterior Detail

This entails the interior detail & exterior detail brought together as an all round package.

Prices from £45.00

Deluxe Detail

Exterior safe wash (snow foam/2 bucket method/rinse)
Clay bar (decontaminate)

Choice of hand polish (ask detailer)
Choice of wax (ask detailer)
Exhaust tips polished.

Then onto the Interior

Interior Hoovered.
dashboard/vinyl cleaned and dressed.
glass cleaned in and out.
Air freshener scent applied to finish off the summer deluxe detail.

Prices from £100.00


Enhancement & Protection

This Package includes:

Exterior Detail 

Decontamination of road grime and tar 

Clay bar to remove remaining contaminants  

Mild finish machine polish to enhance gloss 

Gyeon Quartz Q2 CanCoat applied leaving a sheet of protection behind (durability 6 months) 

Gyeon Quartz Q2 View applied to all exterior glass (durability 6 months) 

Interior Detail 

Prices from £200

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