Interior Detail

Any rubbish removed.

Dashboards, trims and vinyl's cleaned and dressed.

Whole car thoroughly vacuumed. 

Interior windows cleaned. 

Air Freshener scent applied to complete the interior detail.

Prices from £30

Pet hair and excessively dirty vehicles at an extra cost. 



- Alloys, tyres and arch liners cleaned.

- Pre Wash / PH neutral snowfoam applied to the whole vehicle.

- Door shuts cleaned.

- Exterior bodywork washed using the two bucket safe method.

- Hydrophobic sealant applied.

- Vehicle dried with a luxury towel.

- Exterior windows cleaned. 

- Trims & Tyres dressed.

Prices from £30 


The Deep Clean Detail

- Back and front face wheel clean, arches and tyres cleaned and dressed.

- Exterior safe wash - snow foam, 2 bucket method with grit guards, rinse.

- Full liquid decontamination process.
- Car dried using luxury towels/air blower.

- Hand polish 
- Choice of sealant applied 


- Any rubbish removed.

- Whole car thoroughly vacuumed and dust detailed. 

- Full interior shampoo and extraction.

- Leather cleaned.

- Boot and spare wheel compartment cleaned.

- Interior components cleaned and dressed ( dashboard, door cards, wheel).

- Interior windows cleaned. 

- Hanging air freshener.

Prices from.... 

Small £150 

Medium £165

Large £180

Extra Large £195 


The Correct It And Protect It Detail

Package Includes

- the deep clean package 

In addition to

- Vehicle jacked up for arch clean and dressing.

- Full clay bar process and IPA wipe down.

- Engine bay deep clean and dressed.

- Light glazing machine polish - to achieve a high gloss. 

- Entry level ceramic coating applied to paintwork.

- Window coating applied. 

Prices from.... 

Small £250

Medium £275

Large £300

Extra Large £325