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Terms And Conditions

All secure bookings are deposit based, bookings are not confirmed until a deposit has been paid to Correct It And Protect It Limited Via bank transfer.

Deposit amounts differ with each package and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Within 48 hours of booking, Correct It And Protect It will happily alter your booking to another date of your choice. If for any unfortunate event Correct It And Protect It has to cancel or rearrange your booking, it will be within 14 days of the original booking date. If not, a full refund of deposit will be honoured.

If your interior is heavily soiled with mud, pet hair, mould, vomit or blood, additional charges WILL apply. We advise if you have any of the above to send some photos before booking so that we can provide a fair estimate. If not, the price will be negotiated on the day before any work commences.

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